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An article on Library Web has been published by CILIP's Refer journal and can be found in the Spring 2010 edition.

A quick note on directory categories. I haven't created the CMS (Content Management System) necessary to maintain categories properly. However what I have done may be of use and so here is a brief explanation of categories created. Note articles may have beeen placed in more than one category. The two main categories are probably Technology and UK Libraries Administration.

Audio Books occasional posts

Awards, Promotions, Festivals book prizes mainly (with a few erroneous book promotions - World Book Day, Quick Reads - which I would probably file under Reader Development nowadays)

Bibliotherapy books and health!

Book Groups/Clubs/Websites maintained (for more on Websites see Reader Development)

Book Theft occasional posting

Books and Authors articles about individual authors and their books

Books, Per Se 'Evolution of the Book', etc.

Books, Professional books of interest to librarians

Bookshops a perennial theme, the comparison of libraries to bookshops

Business library services for business

Career library careers, see also Jobs and Careers

Cataloguing / Cataloguing and Classification (I have created 2 categories here inadvertently, please refer to both)

Censorship of books

Charity charities and their work with libraries and books

Children articles relating to junior readership (see also Teenagers)

Collection Development stock editing, etc.

Commercial gifts for book lovers and librarians (paraphernalia)

Community librarian networking, message boards etc. (see also Home Pages and Blogs)

Computer Games and libraries

Copyright and books

Current Publications and Events recently published web open journals etc. and

Disabled Users see also Visually Impaired

Diversity minorities etc., see also Ethnic Minorities, Equal Opportunities

Employment Issues in the workplace

Ethics library ethics

Ethnic Minorities multiculturalism, see also Diversity, Equal Opportunities

Family History genealogy, occasional posting

Fiction and genera

Film books and film

Game Playing video games etc. in libraries

Graphic Novels in libraries

Home Library building your own library at home

Home Pages and Blogs library staff, see also Community

Homeless, The and libraries

Humour and Trivia and libraries

IFLA International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

Image the image of librarians and libraries in society

Information occasional posting

Information Literacy occasional posting

Information Overload a topic of our age (or is it?!)

International articles relating to libraries outside of the UK

Internet Libraries and Bibliographies collections of e-books and catalogues on the Internet, see also Portals and Search Engines

Jobs and Careers in libraries, see also Career

Knowledge Management field of

Learning lifelong learning in libraries

Legal Deposit (1 article)

Legislation " the right of access to information"

Librarianship the profession

Libraries and Library Related Organisations in the UK

Libraries, Future Of increasingly added to, see also Library 2.0

Libraries, Old and New historical and futuristic

Libraries, Psychology of an unusual topic, but 1 article here

Library Art films, music, artwork etc. about libraries, see also Entertainment

Library History the history of the libraries

Library Management issues for managers

Library Policy issues of library policy, see also Supplier Selection

Library Quotations wisdom

Library Science the field, see also LIS Research

Library Software library management systems, OPACs, mainly though see Technology

Library Values the role and value of libraries in society, see also Social Problems

LIS Research library research in the UK, see also Library Science

Local Studies (1 article)

Marketing and libraries

Miscellaneous and Unusual drill cart competitions, haunted libraries, etc.

Mobile Libraries (note I have not tended to include closures here, see UK Libraries Administration for these)

Portals and Search Engines library resources, see also Internet Libraries and Bibliographies

Publications e-journals, podcasts, etc.

Reader Development though this should I think be called The Reader-centred Library nowadays

Reading literacy in society, reading per se

Reference I've inadvertently created two Reference categories and do not have the Content Management System to remedy the error, so please refer to both; see also Local Studies and Family History

Storytelling culture, society and libraries

Study/Research Skills for the studious library staff

Supplier Selection stock management

Technology e-books, RFID, Web 2.0, everything and anything to do with technology and libraries, a heavily posted category, see also Toolbox [NB Google book scanning has also been placed in this category]

Teenagers teen reading

Toolbox Web 2.0 tools for libraries and librarians, see also Technology

Toy Libraries (just the one article)

Training Resources to be used in the library

UK and European Libraries news from individual libraries

UK Libraries Administration anything to do with the administration of libraries in the UK: DCMS, MLA, library closures, reviews and inquiries, comment and analysis etc. (a heavily posted category)

Visually Impaired see also Disabled Users

Writing libraries and writing

NB The following categories are no longer used:

Blogging transferred to Technology 2007

Book and Reading Trends transferred to Reading 2008

Book Digitisation transferred to Technology 2007

Book Fairs one interesting post from 2009! but see also Awards, Promotions, Festivals

CILIP see UK Libraries Administration (though there are 3 articles here)

Conferences transferred to Current Publications and Events 2008

Crime transferred to Fiction 2009

Cultural Heritage not maintained as a separate category since 2009 (4 articles)

Culture not maintained as a separate category since 2009 (6 articles)

Culture Select Committee not maintained as a separate category since 2007 (1 articles)

Democracy transferred to Library Values 2010 (2 articles)

Entertainment transferred to Library Art 2008(a number of articles, 4 links)

Environment transferred to Technology 2007 (2 articles)

Library 2.0 transferred to Technology and Libraries, Future Of 2009 (numbers of articles)

Sci-Fi transferred to Fiction 2010 (3 articles)

Social Problems transferred to Library Values 2010 (3 articles)

US Focus transferred to International 2008 (5 articles)

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