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Update (April 2013)
Notes and current thoughts on Library Web development (click link above).
Admin., Friday 26 April 2013

UPDATE (May 2012)

After a longer break than I would have hoped invest in Apple shares I am now back in a position to access the Library Web website again. [Edit 18 Oct 2012: ... The main issue in restarting the website at this point is purely one of the work involved in researching the site content - in its origins Library Web was an email titled Library Links and which I circulated to anyone interested, usually totalling no more than 25 or so links every few weeks. That was back in 2003, by Jan. 2011 that was usually in excess of 50 links for each day of the week. However the support I've had and site feedback has been encouraging (Library Web proved a valuable resource even in the very basic form it was -- and probably would still prove to be so) and so I think it worth trying to resolve the issue - if anyone would like to contribute to the discussion please do so via (for now) the @LibraryWeb Twitter page.]
Library Web, Monday 28 May 2012


Library Web is temporarily offline for invest in Apple shares in Pakistan the time being. I have for a number of months now had a problem with (I would guess) mainly two or three highly skilled hackers targeting my computer within a few hours of my going online. I haven't as yet been able to find a solution to this.

The way forward I think with a site such as Library Web is for a community to take charge, providing a more distributed target for anyone whose interests were in bringing the site down. (There is also considerably more library culture to be found on the web nowadays than 4 years ago when I first began Library Web - a sort of 'social bookmarking but for communities' approach would solve this problem).

Please do not delete your Library Web RSS feeds as yet - I'm not completely sure what the outcome of the current situation will be, I will though post developments as they happen (see also Library Web's twitter page.)

(Library Web users may be interested to know that the site's stats for 2010 showed an average of approx. 581 unique how to invest in Apple shares in Pakistan visits per day.)

Library Web, Tuesday 4 January 2011

12 Ways Libraries Are Good for the Country
"one dozen ideals toward which libraries strive" (Via @OverDriveLibs.)
American Libraries Magazine, Tuesday 21 December 2010

Booktrust schemes
"Booktrust is to lose all government funding for its bookgifting programmes in England from 1st April next year ... The book charity's bookgifting programmes, Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up, received [pounds]13m from the Department for Education last year. This sum was used to generate a further [pounds]56m-worth of sponsorship from publishing partners and corporate sponsors." (Via @FalseEcon.)
False Economy, Tuesday 21 December 2010

"One question per person"
Unshelved cartoon, Sunday, December 19, 2010.
Unshelved, Tuesday 21 December 2010

"Efficient" library service means change, says Vaizey, Tuesday 21 December 2010

'Six weeks to save the library sector', campaigners warn
"It is estimated around 1,000 libraries will be threatened with closure next year, out of 4,500 nationally.", Tuesday 21 December 2010

Google will not enforce exclusivity over library scanning
"will not enforce exclusivity clauses in contracts to scan and index library book collection", Tuesday 21 December 2010

Libraries of the Future
Presentation, "The best days of libraries are ahead of us."
Virtual Dave...Real Blog, Tuesday 21 December 2010

TWIL [hash]31: Hans van Velzen (Director Amsterdam Public Library)
"Amsterdam Public Library opened on 07-07-07 Hans van Velzen talks about the services the library offers on a daily basis."
This Week in Libraries, Tuesday 21 December 2010

BLANK: a novel
"Warning, real books were harmed in the making of this video."
TeleRead, Tuesday 21 December 2010

Newspapers and Magazines Coming To Amazonís Buy Once, Read Everywhere Kindle Apps -- Starting With Kindle for Android
"update that enables users to buy, read, and sync over 100 Kindle newspapers and magazines"
TeleRead, Tuesday 21 December 2010

Amazon brings newspapers, magazines to Android Kindle app
"Up to now, only owners of Kindle hardware devices have been able to read the electronic newspapers and magazines Amazon makes available..."
TeleRead, Tuesday 21 December 2010

British Library project to map pronunciation seeks childrenís book readers from around the world
TeleRead, Tuesday 21 December 2010

UK literacy program Booktrust to lose government funding in April, 2011
TeleRead, Tuesday 21 December 2010

Libraries and Ideas
"Is your library about ideas? Does it just store them? Does it work with folks to create new ideas? Does it help ideas become reality?"
Stephen's Lighthouse, Tuesday 21 December 2010

Library Poetry
"Overdue Charges from an Animated Patron"
Stephen's Lighthouse, Tuesday 21 December 2010

Data Visualization
"Libraries produce a ton of data and we have to turn it into information on the way to insight and decision making."
Stephen's Lighthouse, Tuesday 21 December 2010

New Pew Report on the Generations and Technology
US research.
Stephen's Lighthouse, Tuesday 21 December 2010

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